Tallman Medical Spa Already involved heavily in their content, Tallman reached out to Webgrain to help focus their work, and take some of the load off of their staff. Since starting with Webgrain, Tallman has seen a significant increase in their monthly traffic.



We've been working closely with Tallman Medical Spa since their initial organic marketing kick-off, which includes content, site optimization, and careful keyword choice. We're consistently seeing positive trending in traffic, and have been steadily expanding their keyword portfolio to include a wider range of domain authority and site trust. With heavy backlinks, we're establishing Tallman Medical Spa as an authority on a variety of subjects from Botox to facials to manicures and beyond.

Business Goals:

  • highly competitive local ranking
  • encouraging repeat / converting traffic
  • establishing domain authority


Tallman Medical Spa has a unique benefit–the company is heavily involved in their own content creation and social media management. We try to align our month supplemental posts to satisfy both our marketing goals and their content desires. We also have to tailor our content to target a wide range of demographics, without overloading or skimping on content (and losing keyword opportunities). Tallman Medical Spa has significant local competition, as well, which makes local marketing more intense. We try to schedule our campaign content and goals to not compete with the local market at the same time, and instead focus on one of their other remarkable services. This prevents useless AdWord bidding wars, or incrementally different campaigns being run concurrently.


We work closely with Tallman Medical Spa to outline monthly goals and content direction, and encourage their (third-party) AdWord campaigns to do the same. We're now working with Tallman Medical Spa to begin posting more valuable content (which follows our best practices). As their current keyword portfolio becomes out-dated (either from a lack of traffic, or because they're ranking competitively) we expand to include more difficult, but high-volume keywords, which increases their domain authority. These keywords are worked in to content and our back-links, which increase search engine trust.

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