Understanding Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the concept and approach centered around creating sites that provides optimal viewing and intuitive interaction across devices. Because consumers are viewing media and web sites through a huge number of different devices, websites must seamlessly change dimensions and platforms. As more challenges arise, the technology used to engage users through mobile and desktop sites is altering. One powerful new tool incorporated in to all our Wegrain work is responsive web design. What is Responsive Web Design PC | Responsive Web Design Responsive web design is truly a collection of techniques implemented within a web site design that allows the website to adapt to any sized screen. This flexibility is visible in the transition between desktop and mobile views—the content and theme of the website is retained while the placement and design adjusts. Making a website adaptable allows a viewer to open it on any device and see the same information. Allowing the website to reconfigure appropriately for each device does away with time-consuming and frustrating necessities like zooming in and out on a huge, unformatted website. Unlike a separate mobile site, which may have limited information and can’t compete with an optimized desktop site, a responsive design explores the limited screen real estate and expands within new confines for every device. Separate from an app, responsive web design focuses on sharing the same content in a similar format across hundreds or thousands of different devices. Nothing is missing—the content is identical, as is the interactivity of the site. Infinite scrolling is the same, or a completely horizontal design is mimicked. This flow between devices puts forth a well put-together, but subtle, first impression. Customers might not notice the similarities between the desktop and mobile sites, but they’ll certainly remember the ease. Wireless Phone | Responsive Web Design Benefits of Responsive Web Design Better, More Intuitive Experience—customers experience a seamless transition between devices, and happier customers make for a growing business. Long-term Investment—responsive web design is a two-fold investment; because the site is more responsive to all devices, upgrades and support is handled only once from the back end, and the site will survive longer. Conversion Rate Improvement—customers that can easily interact with your site on the go a more likely to return time and time again, due to the improved experience. SEO Optimization—at the risk of sounding redundant: only having one “behind the scenes” for a website leads to more time invested in other areas, and halving the time and effort put in to a site by doing away with the complicated mobile version is worthwhile.

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