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Visually, Ello attracted a younger generation with its stark white background and clean font choices. But after the initial frenzy, it fell off the radar for marketing and social media promotion. Which turns out to be exactly what they wanted.
REMEMBER ELLO? FOR a few weeks in the fall of 2014, headlines praised it as “the Facebook Killer,” the latest internet David against Zuckerberg’s Goliath. Overnight, thousands of hopeful users bombarded the invite-only site. (Admit it: you asked around to get an invite. Oh, yes you did. Stop lying.) Overwhelmed, crashing and buggy, Ello didn’t live up to the hype. It turned into a punchline, and we all forgot about it. As the “anti-Facebook,” Ello failed.
Read more about the anti-anti-Facebook here, and decide for yourself--is it worth investing time and money into ad-free ads and powerful content that isn't selling anything? Or should marketers stay with larger platforms, where marketing is readily accepted?

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