FCC Got it Right on Net Neutrality Vote

Today, the Federal Trade Commission got it right when they voted 3-2 on the net neutrality vote for an Open Internet. This ensures that government and corporate gatekeepers cannot control open access to the Internet. The Open Internet Order answers the pivotal question about how the Internet works, requiring all service providers to be a neutral gateway. The option to handle different types of Internet traffic in different ways (and costs) is now off the table for providers. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are now carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. The ACLU's legislative counsel Gabe Rottman put it in the clearest context saying: "This is a victory for free speech, plain and simple. Americans use the Internet not just to work and play, but to discuss politics and learn about the world around them. The FCC has a critical role to play in protecting citizens' ability to see what they want and say what they want online, without interference. Title II provides the firmest possible foundation for such protections. We are still sifting through the full details of the new rules, but the main point is that the Internet, the primary place where Americans exercise their right to free expression, remains open to all voices and points of view." We don’t see this as an intrusion by the FCC, rather a prudent measure that preserves our right to refuse to ask permission, pay “tolls” or pay fees to broadband providers. Additionally, as we become more of a mobile society, it is important to note that the rules are fully applicable to mobile. You can learn more about the vitality and importance of an Open Internet here

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