Developing a Business Brand

It seems like 2016 is the year of The Brand, whether you're on board or not. Businesses are become more and more accessible to the public, and sites like Facebook and Yelp allow uncensored reviews that can sway conversion rates. Taking the time to establish, build, and maintain a business brand can go a long way toward customer confidence. What is a Brand A business's "brand" isn't their logo, or a watermark, or even their name. It's an all-encompassing mood and theme that surrounds a company. Let's think of some common, well known brands.
  • Coke is loved by millions. As a brand, they evoke connection, togetherness, the color red, and of course, the Olympics.
  • Beyoncé's brand is empowered, seclusive, mother, activist, Queen B, and the colors black and pink.
  • McDonalds, despite being a well-known fast food diner, is branded with breakfast, McMuffin (and the Mc prefix), coffee, and the colors red and yellow.
  • Tiffany's blue box, white ribbon, and silver script all come together to evoke a specific feeling, like excitement, anticipation, or love.
A brand is a collection of information that surrounds a company, and allows customers to easily identify them; even in a foreign country, the double arches of McDonalds are easy to spot. Your brand is the concept of your company that lives in clients' minds, both past and potential. And well-known brands are carefully curated, developed from organic customer feedback and designed to promote similar feelings in future interactions. Building a Brand Developing a brand can't be forced. It has to come from a truly organic place within the company--a small tea shop shouldn't try to brand themselves as the perfect large business meeting space, or a used book store shouldn't force a modern, stark brand. When trying to pinpoint a starting point, ask trusted customers, family, and friends what feelings your company evokes both in-store, and through your online presence. Have them give examples if possible, and compile these feeling, phrases, and words in to one complete mood. That presence, be it laid-back, attentive, clean, modern, flexible, understanding, knowledgeable, etc., is how you should focus your future interactions with customers. Repetition is key to building and sustaining a business brand.

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